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YOU’RE NOT BUSY, you are selective busy

You have time for this article, but you think it’s not worth your time, I understand, you’re too busy right now, right?

Arthur Lugauskas
3 min readJul 21, 2020


I used to say “I’m busy” because I was working on all these projects at once. But as I kept saying it I felt like it became a cool thing to say. And then I started hearing others say it. Soon enough I didn’t like saying it anymore.

Here’s the thing. Actually, I have a few things.

One, people have different definitions as to what it means to say “I’m busy.” Some definitions I can relate with, like if someone is actually working on a project, making something out of nothing, being creative, and bringing awesomeness to the world, that’s what I’m talking about. But some definitions I don’t relate with, like when people just say it for no reason or to sound like they are busy when they are not, that’s just not tasteful.

Two, I’ve had this theory of sort for a while now, which makes sense to me. I actually think there’s not really a such thing as “busy.” Instead what exists is this idea of “selective busy.”

Everyone is selective busy only, always. Let’s say I asked you to meet me tomorrow at McCarren Park in Brooklyn so we can jog a mile together. Guess what, you’re probably “too busy” to do that, right? If you’re in NYC you probably have other commitments already. If you’re outside of NYC you’ll likely use your location as a reason why you won’t make it. Plus, I’m like a stranger to you, right? Why would you give me any time of day? And to jog a mile, please..

But, if I were to tell you to meet me tomorrow at McCarren Park in Brooklyn so I can hand you a million dollars, what would you do? I’m guessing you’d figure out a way to make it. If you’re in NYC, psh, no problem! If you’re in another state you’d probably get the next ticket to New York. If you’re outside of the US you’d likely figure out a way to fly in and meet me, even if it costed you $10,000 and you losing your job. Because with a million dollars you’d make that $10,000 back and you wouldn’t need a job for years, right?

The point is that everyone has time. And no one is just busy. It’s always selective busy. Constantly selective busy decisions are being made, each day. Call it priorities or focus or whatever. You decide to do certain things over other things. And if something better or much better presents itself you might not do what you originally planned to do in order to do the better thing or opportunity or et cetera. Selective busy.

Few, these days I’m simply not a fan of saying “I’m busy.” Whether I’m busy or not, I feel it’s not a cool thing to say anymore. For me at least. So what should I say? “I have time?” Hm, actually I’m also not sure how I feel about saying “I have time.” Though we always have time, oh no, am I about to write a sequel to this article right now? No, I’m too busy, right?

Wrong, let me keep writing!

Just kidding, this article is done.

Thanks for reading you busy animal!



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