I Bought A Chair For $903.54 Two Days Ago

Something I didn’t mention the other day is a huge purchase I made. Well, huge for me. For some people this might be crumbs, but not me. I’ve never ever spent over $900 for 1 chair, until two days ago.

You want to hear the story? If so, read on..

Earlier this year, in January, I was in Copenhagen, Denmark with Euka. We were sort of jokingly furniture shopping, but also not so jokingly. Jokingly because we weren’t really planning on buying anything big too soon, but not so jokingly because we actually were going to furniture stores and checking out various pieces from different places to develop our taste and aesthetics further and to know more of what’s out there so when the time would come to get some pieces we’d have a better sense of direction.

And one place we stepped foot in was Frama. And it was over. It was a done deal. I was a done deal.

The space was phenomenal!



The designs, the tones, the atmosphere, the vibe, blup me..

Amazing design, space, creativity, architecture, quality, and ambiance are like drugs for me. I was like a kid at a candy store gazing at so many things I wanted. Whether it was the Sintra Dining Table which encompassed a slab of stone sitting on a massive piece of cork or the KR-180 Daybed lying peacefully in front of the concrete background or the entire kitchen setup and design, I wanted to have a shopping spree, get this and that and that, oh, that too, and that.. but since I’m a kid that doesn’t have that much money right now I held back for the time being, but kept a particular piece in the back of my mind to maybe get someday sooner rather than later.

This was actually probably my favorite item that I saw at Frama. It was, hm, you could say similar to that feeling of love at first sight. Or that feeling of . Want to guess what piece I’m referring to?

You can guess here: ______________

Did you guess it right?

Did you guess at all?

Oh, is this not a PDF?

Wait, are you reading this on a screen?

With no pen(cil)?


Could this page be printed?

Do you have a printer?

Okay, I’m just babbling on at this point.

Having the answer out of sight for a moment.

Low on the page.


And lower.

So you would actually guess.

But not too low.

Here it is: The 9.5° Chair

I don’t know if I’ve ever connected with a piece of furniture similar to how I connected with the 9.5°. Yes, we’re on first-name basis at this point, simply 9.5°.

Real talk, when I saw that chair I was drawn to it. Magnetic vibes. Because of how beautiful it was. From the design to the creativity to the simplicity, I was just amazed, in awe. It was almost scary to even touch, let alone sit down on. I didn’t know what to do..

Well, until a representative at the showroom gave me the go-ahead to sit on it and try it out. Then I was all-in.

I learned the name comes from the tilt of the legs, 9.5°, but even with that it was made to be fully functional. And after sitting on it it felt fine, comfortable even. And that was it for me. I wanted this sculpture. Someday..

Fast forward to October 1st, 2020, there I was, taking a moment away from the 7th canvas of 2nd PASS and ordering the chair online from Frama, the source itself.

It was actually great because I got 10% off by joining the mailing list, so from €810 the cost went down to €729, but that savings was sort of offset by the €105.00 shipping cost to NYC, but then again the customs fee of €66.27 was also deducted, so the final priced ended up being €767.73. I decided to use my Quicksilver to avoid possible foreign transaction fees and to get 1.5% cash back (link here if you’re interested), though I’m not sure if I needed to avoid foreign transactions fees considering it’s an online order, hm.. but then again there’s a conversion from € to $, so to avoid additional possible costs I just used that card. And after seeing the conversion from € to $ it totaled out to $903.54. But then if I deduct the 1.5% cash back ($13.55) the price in theory could look more like $889.99, but then again that cash back is technically a benefit connected with the card, not necessarily the price for the chair, hence the price for the chair actually ended up being $903.54.

In other words, this is the most expensive chair I ever purchased, ever. Well, not that I purchased many chairs throughout my life, but you know, this ain’t cheap! (unless you don’t know and it is cheap for you, then )

But why, right? Why get a chair so expensive? Am I out of my mind? I may have thought that way in the past. I still think many things are very expensive and just not worth it. But a lot also depends on the individual. Oh no, if I go down this route of philosophical thinking and ideas or wherever I’m headed this could get long. So let me just wrap up before I take things to 10° or further, before we fall down into a universe of ideas, concepts of life, oh blup, I’m going there, I better just stop, right, now..

Phew, that could have been universe-bending, but we’re back. There is actually a reason, or several, that pushed for the 9.5° to be purchased. For one, I really like the chair and wanted it, duh, but there’s also a particular project in progress that helped push for the chair to have been ordered sooner rather than later, plus where the money came from or likely is coming from helped make the purchase just happen, and this is where things can get a bit weird, complicated, or something, for instance, in a sense technically I bought the chair you could say, but in another sense technically I didn’t buy the chair you could also say, oh the technicalities of this purchase can continue on and explanations can be long, maybe even kind of interesting, or uncertain, like this sentence, maybe even a bit confusing, but also maybe not, blup, I don’t really want to get into that right now.. all these technicalities.. maybe there’s no time for them..

The point is the chair was purchased and it should be making its way to Brooklyn, NYC and a debut through a screen near you, maybe.



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