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Freedom With Writing

Arthur Lugauskas
3 min readAug 1, 2022


Something I haven’t done in a while is just write freely. I remember that it’s a fun thing for me to do and that I like doing it, but despite that I’ve been quite stagnant with it. Why?

It might have something to do with maybe “not knowing” what to write or wanting to have some sort of direction, like a topic, a series, something..

As I type all that there seems to be a voice somewhere in my head.. “But I have so much I can write about, ideas for days…!”

Well Sunshine (technically Cloudy because it’s a cloudy day right now), what does it matter if I or anyone has a lot he or she can write about if they are not writing!? You’re not a writer if you’re not writing. Right or right?

Wow, I’m rusty with my writing, I feel it. I’m not flowing. Instead struggling to just let words out, hence these sentences in this paragraph right now, to fill in the bit of void I’m experiencing. Hah, as if! Maybe this void is made up, unless it’s real?

Energy brewing. Zap zap, bing, boom, zoom. I have words. I have thoughts. I may not be going anywhere right now, but I’m writing. And this is fun, to just write. You see, that’s the thing, that’s the freedom — to just, start, writing. Freely.

This is where things get exciting, where my “typed words per minute” don’t keep up with my thoughts. Where errors can easily occur because my output isn’t as fast as all the things in my head that I’d like to let out in words. Life is good now, a bit of a rush is coming, let’s not break this keyboard now!

Is there a purpose for anyone to read what I’m writing right now? Yes and no.

I don’t feel like I’m writing anything of much significance. There is no need for anyone to read this. But if you’re someone who is reading this and has gotten this far the idea or inspiration is to just write freely, as I am now. Whether you have a million two hundred and forty five point seven ideas or zero or negative five, doesn’t matter, just start putting words on a page and have fun.

To make it more fun, and challenging, put a timer for 30 minutes. That’s what I have write now. I mean, right now. Whatever you’re reading here took about 30 minutes this morning, August 1st, 2022. It’s eight thirty seven AM now. Let me check this timer…

19 minutes and 20 seconds left. A bit more than maybe I thought. That’s good, but that time is ticking away, almost gone, will I get my message across?

I still should review what I’ve just written (later, reviewing now, 2 minutes and 2 seconds left), maybe an edit is to be called in one area or another, I don’t know.

I’m getting hungry too. Haven’t had breakfast yet. Got out of bed this morning around seven forty something AM or so. What’s for breakfast? Maybe oatmeal?

Well, I think that does it for this little piece of writing freely. Writing is fun indeed. It’s even more fun for me when I just write. Let ideas come out of my mind onto a page and just let go.

This idea of letting go is helpful in many ways, whether letting go of physical items you don’t need, letting go of pressures to write a certain something or a certain way, letting go of certain self-imposed restrictions, reasons to not do, excuses, whatever barriers that exists, visibly or invisibly, let go and do. Let go and write freely.

Thank you.




Arthur Lugauskas

What if I was just a figment, would that make my writing not real, instead imagined?