Find Ways

Arthur Lugauskas
2 min readJul 9, 2020

Find ways to do things. Just because the way you know is closed that doesn’t mean you can’t open up a new way. Be smart, think outside the box. Maybe literally, if you feel stuck in a room think outside the room. Zoom out, go through walls.

Lately I’ve noticed a lot more people jogging outside, and in various weather conditions. Sure gyms might be closed right now, but the streets are still open. Exercise does not need to stop.

If some of your go-to items at a grocery store are sold out that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat. Get ingredients you’ve never bought before, figure out how to use them, then eat.

I know, if you’re in NYC it wasn’t fun to have had playgrounds closed. But the way I saw it, they weren’t meant to be closed. The key was to have social distance. And they were closed to enforce that. With that said I have a question, if there was a crack in a fence and you were able to get into a playground should you have done so as long as you enjoyed what it had to offer alone?

Then again, what about building your own playground? Maybe you invent it, make it private, outside, on an empty roof, or even indoors. The point is find a way to play.

As for communication with others, that’s actually pretty easy these days thanks to technology. Whether it be via social media, email, phone calls, or even video calls. But what about changing it up, communicating in a way that may feel more real, more personal, but without having to be next to someone else, how would we go about that? I know, handwrite a letter to someone. Real paper, real handwriting, time spent, wouldn’t it be beautiful to receive a handwritten letter?

Motivation might be a struggle for some. How do you get motivated, right? Just get excited to do something you care about. Don’t know what to do? Try new things. Find ideas, think of ideas, and just do, just start, and then take it from there.

There are ways to do anything and everything. Whether it be something new or to continue to do what you enjoy doing. They may not be obvious right now because of the overshadow of what is already known and this idea of routine, but they exist. Actually, some unique ones only you know, only you’ll think about first before others, so go for it, find them, bring them to the world. You already have them. Just find them.

Arthur Lugauskas

What if I was just a figment, would that make my writing not real, instead imagined?