Closing COVID-19

How will it look? This idea of closing COVID-19..

In one sentence: I don’t know what the future holds.

In one paragraph: We as a people are in this together on Earth. What is happening is actually happening. A live pandemic before our eyes. Before our lives. COVID-19. The coronavirus. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s affecting the world drastically in many different ways. Each day. This is new territory we’re going through. Physically and mentally. The solutions to emerging problems are unknown. Experiments are in progress. Routes are being tested. And everyone has a point of view. Something to share. But not everyone feels like sharing. Not everyone feels they have something relevant to say. Not everyone knows they can help answers come to fruition. But here’s the thing, each person can help shape a better future. Every person who has an opinion can say something now. Can write something now. Can show something now. All ideas are welcome to the table. Just share freely, honestly. Offer things to think about, truth. If you want to, that is. Because note, everything that happens, that doesn’t happen, that is said, that isn’t said, that is done, that isn’t done, that is expressed, that isn’t expressed, everything is part of the results.

Further thoughts: With so many changes going on and so many ideas being tested out, things can really evolve for the better. To new levels. New standards. All of which can be great. But along with changes may come challenges and uncertainty that can make things very uncomfortable. Hard. And things can get really bad. At least at first. Maybe even war-level bad. Because think about it, if a person gets to the point where he or she feels there is nothing left to lose, then what? Or what if a group of people feel this way? Or an entire country? If someone loses a family member, a friend, a home, a job, is in debt, is hungry, looks for work, but doesn’t get work, doesn’t know how to invent work, has self-imposed limitations, and feels like no one is helping out, that all help costs money, and that the government has given up on them, then what? What is to stop this someone from no longer caring about any laws, regulations, anything? And what is to stop others who feel similarly from following suit? Things can get shattered with chaos. Disorder. Confusion. Systems might be tested in ways they haven’t before. Structures might be exposed more than they have been in years, or ever. Mentalities and ways of looking at life might be altered. What if the curtain comes all the way down? We may begin to see a new world, or a new everything. And with time maybe a new kind of peace. Clarity. Serendipity.

Questions: If we can help make things not get really bad by keeping everything and everyone at bay what would that mean? Would life be better if we just went back to how things were before? Is how we were before better than what a new future can look like? Could we have a better future without things getting bad? Is what is going on right now already too much? Are the changes too real? Should we fear what we may evolve into? Do we want to keep everything we know intact? Are we happy with the current infrastructure of the world? Of the mind? Would it be worth it to not have anything change? To stay safe? Be in line? Do what is told? Believe what is said to be true? What is said to be right and wrong? Or is the risk of rethinking and rebuilding everything worth it? What if things have been bad for years, just dormant? Hidden in plain sight? What if we’ve been seeing smoke and mirrors for decades? Has the truth been deflected? Neglected? Is the virus bringing certain things to light that certain people, systems, structures, institutions, governments, and businesses have been trying to keep a secret? Hide? Or could the virus possibly be an invented distraction? What is real? What do you feel?

Closed: Let’s all know that anything is possible. That we can all win. Somehow. Someway. And that incredible things can happen. Maybe a 10-year-old will come up with a vaccine. Maybe healthcare will become free for everyone worldwide all the time. Maybe the planet will be cared for more, treated better, loved. Let’s look forward to a new future. A powerful one. A positive one. One with truth. Respect. Care. Appreciation. Thanks.




What if I was just a figment, would that make my writing not real, instead imagined?

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Arthur Lugauskas

Arthur Lugauskas

What if I was just a figment, would that make my writing not real, instead imagined?

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