A Challenge To Re-look At Everything You Own

I’m on a journey right now. Yes, right now. A journey. Or call it an adventure. It’s fun, but also very hard. Draining at times. Even complicated. Lots to think about, lots to consider. It’s easy to get stuck. To let things be. To delay decisions. Blup me.

So here’s sort of what’s going on. I’m trying to really look at the various things I own and I’d like for one of two things to happen.

For one, if I don’t need the “thing” or the “thing” doesn’t have use for me and it’s taking up space, I’d like to let it go, retire it, say “bye” to it, maybe even sell it, but it is to be detached from my physical space and my mental space too in a way.

For two, if I decide the “thing” is something useful or something I’d like to keep then I have a main question: Is this the one to have?

If the answer is “yes” then I’m all set.

But if the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure” then the hard, yet fun stuff begins. Do I replace it with something better? Actually, do I actually want to keep this? Can this be combined with something else and then could both of those things be replaced with a single thing that is better suited for me? What am I looking for? Function? Form? Oh, the fun struggle this is..

Now, the key is to look at everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-!

Even the “invisible” things like your toothbrush or tea kettle.

Check this out, I’m taking time to consider cotton swabs. Who cares about cotton swabs or the box they are in, right? Apparently me? Blup me. Take it to the extreme. Look at EVERYTHING! What kind of cotton swabs do I want? Do I even want to have any? How much is too much? Should I just use the reusable silicone ones? Or if I do get some regular ones? Should they be all white and plastic? Maybe bamboo? Black paper? And where should they be stored? What type of container? What yield? Have you ever asked this many questions about cotton swabs to yourself?

So cotton swabs can become a mini ecosystem and there are several aspects that can be considered, decided on, et cetera. And maybe it’s a bit much for most people to spend so much time thinking about their cotton swab setup, if they even have one. But to bring another example of something that might connect a bit more is something that recently happened in another ecosystem of thoughts. And it has to do with combining two things into one specific thing.

Let’s get into this now, but not for too long, because it might get steamy. So, I had a Black & Decker toaster oven and a Cuisinart toaster. Did I need both items? No. Did each have their own use? Yes. Did they work similarly? In a way. Should I eliminate one? Not sure. Is there something better, i.e. the ultimate toaster oven or toaster that I’d like? Maybe. Wait, would I prefer a toaster oven over a toaster? Probably. Is there a toaster oven that looks better and works better than the Black & Decker toaster oven and Cuisinart toaster combined? Possibly. If so then why not combine both of those into one and have better toasted bread, along with opening some space in the kitchen? Great point, okay, BALMUDA it is, and we’re set.

Wait, do I even like bread and toasted bread enough to have a BALMUDA in the apartment? Yes, bread for me is amazing! Plus I like the ability to reheat certain pastries real quick, toast bagels from time to time, maybe even some leftover pizza, or just kale or something, so BALMUDA can bring me a lot of value and pleasure, for years, as did the Black & Decker and Cuisinart combo. But I think BALMUDA, the toaster, looks better, which is a factor for me because aesthetics matter, a lot, so to have something that looks beautiful and works.. wait, am I getting carried away with this BALMUDA..? Maybe, so let me just stop.

The point is it’s a journey to re-look at everything I own, or even partially own. Each thing takes time. Whether it be confirming “that thing” is “the thing” in a specific category of interests or searching for “the thing” for each area of interest and sub-area and sub-area again. Soon I might be looking at nails or screws and whether I want + or - and what color and size, even if it’s in the wall and I don’t see it.. unless.. am I already doing that?




What if I was just a figment, would that make my writing not real, instead imagined?

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Arthur Lugauskas

Arthur Lugauskas

What if I was just a figment, would that make my writing not real, instead imagined?

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